Copper Kitchen Sink Boca Raton

Kitchen Sink Must Have Trends

Today’s sinks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and can include a wide range of accessories, including cutting boards, utensil trays, drying racks and colanders. Needless to say, they’ve come a long way! Consumers are opting for large, single-basin sinks rather than double sinks to make room for bulky pots and pans. Millennium Granite and Marble has put together some of the latest trends we’ve seen for sinks!

Copper Sinks

Want to make a bold statement with your kitchen sink? Try a Copper Kitchen Sink. This stunning apron-front sink will become the focal point in your kitchen thanks to its hammered copper construction.

Copper Kitchen Sink Boca Raton

This type of sink allows for flexible undermount, built-up, or flush installation, and despite being made from real copper, the material is finished to allow for easy maintenance—simply wash with soap and water—to prevent oxidation. Reviewers say this sink is unbelievably stunning and perfect for a rustic or farmhouse-style kitchen. However, several warn not to leave dishes in the sink overnight, as it can lead to discoloration.


Integrated Quartz or Marble Sinks

granite quartz marble integrated sinks
Consistency is key! How about integrating your marble or quartz countertops with your sink? Well, it’s possible folks. If you combine both it will it will a sleek look and a seamless transition for easy cleanup. This is function and aesthetically pleasing; adding some modern flair, while the seamless design makes it easy to clean.

Bamboo Sinks

bamboo kitchen sink delray beach

Do you want to give your kitchen a more unique appearance? Perhaps add a new conversation piece to your home? How about looking beyond typical materials like stainless steel and enameled cast iron? Surprisingly bamboo apron sinks are constructed from fully matured Moso bamboo with SGS-certified safe binding adhesives and a water-resistant topcoat. This is a great way to make your sink stand out from your stone countertops!

boca raton prep kitchen sinkPrep Sinks

Homeowners have picked up the trend of supplementing their primary kitchen sinks with food preparation sinks, which are available in a variety of shapes and styles. This crescent-shaped sink is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, with its curved design and dual drains. Why not have a little fun with the design!

farmhouse kitchen sinkFarmhouse Sinks

The name is catchy but what exactly is a Farmhouse sink? Well, it’s a large single basin sink distinguished by it’s front wall. This wall forms both the front of the sink and the front of the counter.  This a great and functional design, it helps with any water that pay spill out onto cabinets while doing the dishes! The most popular type of installation is with the sink level and integrated in the counters. However, these sinks also known as “apron sinks” are sometimes installed “country style”, which means they are installed on top of a cabinet or on a freestanding table, not surrounded by counters.

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