5 Kitchen Color Trends to Incorporate in Your Next Renovation

The amount of options for kitchen and bathroom counter-tops to choose from is endless! There are natural stone surfaces including Marble, Granite & Quartz.

It’s a new decade, which is an opportune time to practice “out with the old and in with the new” if you’re considering a kitchen redesign.

Millennium Granite & Mable (MGM) has our eyes on the latest and unexpected kitchen color trends. We keep our focus on both residential and commercial spaces. If you want the latest information on what colors and styles are trending now, we have you covered. Check out the list we created to demonstrate the best ways to incorporate them into your next remodel?

Kitchen Color Trend #1: Gold

In keeping with the warming trend in neutrals for your kitchen space, you’ll want to go for the gold hardware trend to complement your cabinet and counter-top upgrades. Gold hardware (pendant lights, faucet, door/drawer pulls, etc.) lend warmth to what could be an otherwise cold kitchen space.

Kitchen Color Trend #2: Dark Blue

Blue, the color of serenity, goes well in any room in your home, but choosing the right shade of blue for your kitchen is no easy feat.

Pale blues are a classic cabinet color, featuring white subway tile back-splash and white counter-tops are an updated way to display this color trend.

Kitchen Color Trend #3: Warm Neutrals

Gray became the neutral of choice in the last decade, but now it’s on the decline as homeowners lean into warm neutrals instead.

One of the best ways to incorporate warm neutrals is with a granite counter-top. The medium tone wood flooring and espresso island create a dark base upon which to place a warm granite. With a travertine tile back-splash and white cabinetry around the perimeter of the space, this kitchen is warm and inviting in neutral hues.

Kitchen Color Trend #4: Green

Green seemed to be the “it” color trend heading into 2020. The good news is, almost any homeowner can find a shade of green that suits their color preferences, from pale, minty shades, to saturated teals, for example. If you want to incorporate this color trend, you can do it with paint. But considering colored cabinetry is also trending, you might want to try painted cabinets in green.

Green pairs beautifully with quartz counter-tops in white, silver hardware, and light wood flooring. White Quartz is a great choice if you’re looking for pure white counter-tops.

For a brighter look, you could go with a mint green, for a retro kitchen featuring light quartz countertops, a white subway tile back-splash, and white and black tile flooring. The 1950s retro appeal brings to mind an old-school diner.

Kitchen Color Trend #5: White

It’s not much of a surprise – What never goes out of style? White Kitchens! However, you’ll want to avoid the whitewashed look and opt instead for swaths of white on counter-tops and back-splashes, paired with warm woods or colored cabinetry for an all-around more personal and welcoming aesthetic.

When trends change again, you can always update to white or colored cabinets in trending hues, keeping your timeless, white back-splash and counters in place. To achieve this look, you can try pairing your kitchen with a timeless granite option, such as white granite.

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